The European Union’s recent extension of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorist Financing guidelines to include crypto companies marks a significant regulatory shift. This decision by the European Banking Authority (EBA) aligns with the EU’s robust approach to financial crime, directly impacting crypto asset service providers (CASPs) across the region.

For financial sector professionals engaged in digital financial services, these changes are particularly pertinent. The BESIDE project, with its focus on Blockchain technology and its application in digital financial services, is strategically positioned to guide and educate professionals navigating these regulatory waters. Understanding the implications of these guidelines is crucial for CASPs to adjust their operations effectively, including the potential use of blockchain analytics tools.

This development leads to critical questions: How will the new regulatory landscape shape the future of crypto firms in the EU compared to the American market? How will the integration of these regulations affect the operations and risk assessments of crypto-related financial services?

The BESIDE project invites financial professionals to explore these challenges and opportunities. By participating in our courses, professionals can stay current with these developments, ensuring compliance and strategic advantage in a rapidly evolving digital financial landscape.

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