The Project


The BESIDE project is an innovative initiative aimed at training financial sector professionals on the latest technologies and Blockchain applications in digital finance, in line with European digital policy objectives. The goal of the project is to improve the digital readiness and resilience of financial operators, enabling them to manage the digital transformation and provide comprehensive and digitally up-to-date financial services to their clients.

To achieve these objectives, the project has been divided into four work packages:

  • Project Management activities (WP1)
  • Definition of the syllabus and creation of the course material (WP2)
  • Creation of the online platform, preparation of the trainers and implementation of the course (WP3)
  • Dissemination, communication, exploitation of results and follow-up (WP4)

The direct target group of the BESIDE project is composed of financial operators and decision-makers from various sectors such as banks, insurance companies, incubators, private equity, venture capital, and consulting companies (including freelancers). By participating in the pilot course, these participants will acquire specific competences and skills in the field of digital financial services innovation and new technological tools, making them more competitive in the labor market and better equipped to provide personalized services and products to their clients.

The project also has an indirect target group which includes VET centers and their trainers/coaches, financial services customers, and recent graduates. Through the project, VET trainers will improve their teaching skills by acquiring new knowledge in Blockchain and Digital Finance. The results of the project will be transferred to more VET centers in other countries, so that the course will be widely adopted in a uniform way throughout Europe. The VET centers will use the training material as a basis for continuous updating of the content. Financial services customers will receive more personalized, efficient, and innovative services from financial operators. Recent graduates who want to enter the financial sector and want to benefit from this training will be able to acquire skills and competences to be ready for the job market.

Overall, the BESIDE project aims to produce the following concrete results:

  • Improvement of skills and competences of course participants on the application of Blockchain and new DLT technologies in the field of Digital Finance

  • Creation and delivery of a VET course and a new e-learning platform
  • Improved and customized services for financial operators’ customers
  • Strengthened collaboration between the VET sector and financial sector representatives

We invite financial professionals to join us in this endeavor to stay ahead in the digital age and comply with the EU policies. With BESIDE, you’ll have the tools and resources you need to succeed in the ever-evolving digital landscape.