The digital revolution is remodelling our world in ways we never thought possible. But as the digital landscape evolves, there are pertinent questions we must ask: what guiding principles and actions should steer the development of fair, desirable, and people-centred virtual worlds? How can blockchain technologies contribute to shaping this new reality?

Recently, the European Citizens’ Panel on Virtual Worlds concluded in Brussels, marking a significant milestone in defining Europe’s vision for the future of the Internet. The citizens’ panel made 23 recommendations for the development of fair and attractive European virtual worlds based on eight values: freedom of choice, sustainability, human-centredness, health, education, safety and security, transparency, and inclusion. These ideas will shape the Commission’s work in designing future internet ecosystems.

The forthcoming EU initiative focuses on addressing societal challenges, fostering innovation for businesses, and paving the way for a transition to Web 4.0. As the EU works on this, many industry professionals and stakeholders are now considering how they fit into this vision. This is where the BESIDE project comes into play.

BESIDE, an Erasmus+ funded project, is designed to empower financial sector professionals by equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, specifically focusing on blockchain technology applications in digital financial services. Blockchain technology, with its transparency and security, could play a crucial role in realising the EU’s vision of fair, secure, and inclusive virtual worlds.

The ethos of the BESIDE project aligns with the principles presented by the EU Citizens’ Panel. Our emphasis on education, transparency, and inclusion resonates with the panel’s recommendations, making the BESIDE project a perfect vehicle for the application of these principles in the financial sector.

The EU’s vision of creating virtual worlds that are fair, people-centred, and respectful of digital rights echoes BESIDE’s objective to support the digital transformation of the vocational education and training sector. Our e-learning platform provides the resources needed for continuous professional development in line with EU policies.

While the digital transformation, spearheaded by developments like virtual worlds, won’t happen overnight, the BESIDE project is committed to assisting financial professionals and the vocational training sector in this transition. We firmly believe that with the right knowledge, tools, and resources, we can all participate actively and responsibly in shaping the future of the internet.

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We invite all financial professionals to join us in this endeavor to stay ahead in the digital age and align with EU policies. To learn more about the BESIDE project and how we’re aligning with the EU’s vision for virtual worlds, visit our project website at Here, you can find additional information about our blockchain technology focused training modules, our e-learning platform, and our mission to promote a more inclusive digital financial sector.

Let’s work together to make the vision of a fair, people-centric digital future a reality!