The European Blockchain Observatory and Forum (EUBOF) has highlighted the need for the European Union (EU) to prepare for the convergence of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI). In a recent report, EUBOF emphasized blockchain’s potential to integrate with AI, driving innovation and offering significant advancements in various sectors.

Key Insights from the EUBOF Report

  1. Decentralized AI Networks: The integration of blockchain with AI can create decentralized AI networks, reducing data monopolies and promoting collaborative AI development.
  2. Enhanced Data Security: Securely storing sensitive AI data sets on the blockchain is particularly beneficial in industries like healthcare and finance where data security is crucial.
  3. Improved Smart Contracts: AI can enhance the functionality of smart contracts, broadening their applicability across different industries.
  4. Growth of DeFi Ecosystem: The report acknowledges the continued expansion of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, anticipating the emergence of new applications.
  5. Blockchain Interoperability and Sustainability: Blockchain’s inherent interoperability and sustainability are expected to drive its widespread adoption.

Recommendations and Future Outlook

The EUBOF report recommends that the EU acts as a global knowledge hub for blockchain, strengthens its engagement with various stakeholders, and addresses challenges posed by new innovations. Concurrently, the EU plans to amend regulations governing the use of supercomputers for AI development, which will support the integration of AI with blockchain technologies.


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