As Europe strides towards digital excellence, France and Germany emerge as leading hubs for the cryptocurrency and Web3 sectors, each carving out a niche in this rapidly evolving landscape. France’s proactive regulatory framework and the €30 billion “2030 plan” under President Macron are significantly propelling the high-tech and Web3 industries, fostering a conducive environment for giants like Circle, Binance, and Meanwhile, Germany’s robust crypto adoption, forward-thinking regulatory advancements, and initiatives in digital currency and renewable energy for crypto mining are setting a benchmark for crypto-friendliness and innovation.

These developments are not just news; they are milestones marking Europe’s commitment to digital transformation and innovation, aligning perfectly with the vision and objectives of the BESIDE project.

Connecting the Dots: BESIDE and the Digital Revolution

The BESIDE project, aimed at empowering financial sector professionals with the latest in blockchain technology and digital financial services, finds its mission more relevant than ever in this context. As France and Germany lead the way in embracing and regulating the digital financial landscape, BESIDE stands as a pivotal resource for professionals seeking to navigate and excel in this dynamic environment. Our e-learning platform and pilot course are designed to equip participants with cutting-edge skills and knowledge, enabling them to provide superior services while adhering to EU digital policies.

Insights and Opportunities

The positive regulatory movements and investments in the crypto and Web3 sectors across Europe signify a growing acknowledgement of digital assets’ potential. For BESIDE, this is an opportunity to further align our educational resources with the needs of the financial sector, ensuring that our offerings not only meet current industry standards but also anticipate future developments. As countries like France and Germany create fertile ground for digital innovation, BESIDE contributes to this ecosystem by preparing professionals who are knowledgeable, adaptable, and ready for the digital age.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

We invite you to explore the BESIDE project, where innovation meets education in the finance sector. Whether you’re a financial professional keen on staying ahead in the digital curve or a VET training centre looking to enhance your curriculum, BESIDE offers invaluable resources and insights.

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