Blockchain technology continues to generate interest as a powerful tool for driving positive change. We are excited to announce the release of the BC100+ Manifesto, a document outlining the principles and vision for leveraging blockchain for social impact. This significant milestone signals the growing focus on utilizing blockchain technology to create a more sustainable and inclusive future. In this blog post, we provide an overview of the BC100+ Manifesto and invite you to explore its implications.

The BC100+ Manifesto represents a collaborative effort by signatories to harness the potential of blockchain for social good. It establishes a comprehensive set of principles guiding actions and goals in areas such as sustainable development and social justice. By aligning with these principles, organizations aim to drive positive change using blockchain technology.

Financial professionals and organizations have the opportunity to join the BC100+ movement by signing the Manifesto. By doing so, participants gain access to a vibrant ecosystem that fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Engaging with the BC100+ initiative enables individuals to stay informed about blockchain developments and contribute to discussions surrounding its role in creating a sustainable future.

At the BESIDE project, we are committed to supporting financial professionals in staying current with the latest advancements and technologies. Our focus on blockchain technology in digital financial services aligns with the objectives of the European digital policy. Through our pilot course and e-learning platform, we equip participants with the necessary skills to enhance their digital capabilities and deliver high-quality services to clients. Additionally, we strive to foster digital transformation and compliance in vocational education and training.

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