As we venture further into our “Meet the Partners” series, we are thrilled to spotlight a partner whose dedication to education and development spans across regions and ages — The Luigi Clerici Foundation.

Established in 1972, The Luigi Clerici Foundation’s extensive reach is visible through its 30 branches spread across various provinces in Italy, such as Milan, Monza and Brianza, Lecco, Lodi, Pavia, Bergamo, Turin, Cagliari, and Ancona. With such widespread influence, it is no wonder they have become a beacon of educational innovation and growth.

The Foundation’s spirit of collaboration is truly commendable. They partner with an impressive array of entities — institutional bodies, local authorities, companies, trade associations, and private organizations. This stems from their core belief in the power of networking; integrating organizational abilities, fostering social dialogues, and broadening horizons to the European Union and beyond.

A snapshot of their commendable efforts includes:

  • Vocational Qualification Courses: Training approximately 2600 enthusiastic individuals each year between the ages of 14 and 18.Technical Vocational Diploma: Enhancing technical prowess for about 320 students annually.
  • High Schools and Technical Institutes: around 600 students enrolled annually.
  • Customised Training for the Disabled: Empowering around 100 individuals each year.
  • Apprenticeship Courses: Catering to about 200 keen learners annually.
  • Adult Training Courses: Enabling lifelong learning for approximately 3000 adults per year.
  • Training courses on demand: Around 1100 students
  • Enterprises collaborating with the foundations: With a whopping 8000 enterprises reaping the advantages.
  • National & International Projects: Touching various thematic areas and impacting numerous lives.
  • In tandem with the BESIDE project, The Luigi Clerici Foundation’s ideals align flawlessly. Their commitment to vocational education complements BESIDE’s mission to support the digital

transformation of the vocational education and training sector, especially concerning the integration of Blockchain technology in financial services.

Explore more about The Luigi Clerici Foundation on their official website.
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