As we journey through our partnership, it’s a delight to introduce you to another cornerstone of the BESIDE project – F6S Innovation.

Established with a commitment to fostering technological evolution, F6S Network is renowned for catalyzing the growth of various entities within the innovation ecosystem. This encompasses budding startups, visionary founders, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), and many more.

Navigating the world of private and public funding is no easy feat. F6S Network, with its deep insights and proficiency, not only taps into these funds but also ensures they are channelized in the most impactful manner.

Here’s what they bring to the table:

  • Access startups ecosystems: international Accelerators programs, Incubator, investor, venture capital and corporate innovation programs
  •  Equity-Free Funding: Alleviating financial constraints to stimulate innovation (through sub-grants associated with Horizon Europe funds).
  •  Value-Driven Services: From incubation and acceleration to mentoring and piloting – a suite of services tailored for exponential growth.
  •  Corporate innovation programs: supporting corporates in accessing innovations from tech startups, niche market research services and tech innovations/startups scouting.
  •  Corporate Matchmaking: Bridging the gap between startups and corporates, catalyzing symbiotic collaborations.
  •  Networking Opportunities: Creating a dynamic platform for innovators to connect with potential investors.
  •  Soft-Landing Missions: Ensuring a seamless transition for businesses venturing into new territories.
  •  In the domain of publicly funded programmes, F6S Network wears multiple hats. Whether it’s the pivotal role of a project coordinator, managing open calls, leading communication endeavours, or bolstering third-party support – their multifaceted expertise is evident.

In the context of the BESIDE project, their prowess in handling public funding programs and fostering tech-driven growth aligns seamlessly with our objectives. Together, we strive to empower the financial sector professionals, paving the way for the application of Blockchain technology in digital financial services, in line with Europe’s digital agenda.

Dive deeper into the world of F6S Network by visiting F6S Official Website.

To stay abreast of the evolving landscape of the BESIDE project and its collaborations, do check out besideproject. eu.