As we continue our journey with our “Meet the Partners” series, today we introduce you to a dynamic partner whose ethos embodies the blend of digital education and innovation – Lidi Smart Solutions.

Originating in the heart of The Netherlands, Lidi Smart Solutions was born to enhance digital literacy in the age of rapid technological evolution. Recognizing the paradigm shifts in online education for adults and youth, the organization stepped in to bridge the knowledge gaps. Today, they stand at the forefront, designing and deploying cutting-edge online education platforms and e-learning tools.

At the core of Lidi Smart Solutions lies a driving passion to decode and democratize the latest technologies. Their endeavours into groundbreaking blockchain and AI technologies are a testament to their commitment. By presenting these technologies approachable, they empower communities to take on the monumental challenges of our time.

Recent explorations have seen them venturing into content synthesis for MOOCs and contributing to EU-funded projects. This alignment with European initiatives underlines their dedication to elevating the continent’s digital landscape.


Curious about their myriad initiatives? Dive deep into their digital universe at Lidi Smart Solutions.


In harmony with the BESIDE project’s objectives, Lidi Smart Solutions enhances the educational canvas with its unparalleled expertise in online platforms, further fostering the project’s mission to imbue financial professionals with digital prowess, especially in the realm of blockchain.