The European Union’s recent approval of the Data Act, including a clause for a smart contract “kill switch,” marks a significant moment in the digital and blockchain landscape. This legislative move, aimed at increasing control and safety in smart contract applications, raises critical questions about the balance between innovation and regulation in the blockchain space.

The Data Act and Smart Contracts
The Data Act requires that smart contracts must have the ability to be “interrupted and terminated,” introducing a level of control that seems at odds with the decentralized ethos of blockchain technology. This raises concerns about the autonomy and self-executing nature of smart contracts, which are key to their effectiveness and reliability.

BESIDE Project: Aligning with Evolving Regulations
In the context of these developments, the BESIDE project, funded by Erasmus+, gains even more relevance. Designed to empower financial professionals with knowledge and skills in blockchain technology and digital financial services, the BESIDE project is well-positioned to help navigate these regulatory waters.

The implementation of the Data Act may bring about significant changes in how blockchain technology is developed and used within the EU. For blockchain professionals, understanding these regulations and adapting to them is crucial. The BESIDE project’s comprehensive e-learning platform and pilot course provide the necessary insights and education to stay ahead in this evolving landscape.

The Road Ahead
As the EU moves closer to finalizing the Data Act, it’s clear that the blockchain industry needs to prepare for a new regulatory environment. This environment may pose challenges but also offers a clearer framework for businesses and developers working with smart contracts.

Join Us at BESIDE
We invite financial professionals and blockchain enthusiasts to explore the offerings of the BESIDE project. By staying informed and adaptable, we can navigate these changes effectively and continue to harness the power of blockchain technology.


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