Today, in the unfolding chapters of our “Meet the Partners” series, we spotlight a partner that stands as a beacon in blockchain research, networking, and education – Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC).

Nestled within the vibrant academic corridors of Frankfurt, the FSBC isn’t just any research centre; it’s a pulsating hub where technology meets intellect. This think tank zeroes in on deciphering the myriad implications of blockchain technology, embracing innovation, and pioneering research and prototype development.

Beyond research, FSBC thrives as a crossroads for innovators, serving as a nexus where managers, start-ups, and experts trade knowledge, share best practices, and collaborate on groundbreaking initiatives. Their commitment to fostering education is commendable. With an expansive portfolio, they offer on-campus courses, workshops, and conferences, casting a wide net to encompass students and executives alike.

As the digital age ushers in crypto assets, digital securities, the promise of a digital euro, tokenization, decentralized finance (DeFi), and the buzzing realm of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the FSBC stays ahead of the curve. Their current focus encapsulates these very facets, illuminating paths in these complex territories.


The FSBC’s endeavours are numerous:

The much-acclaimed Crypto Assets Conference (CAC).

  • Initiatives like DLT Talents aimed at championing women in the blockchain space.
  • Educational programs such as DeFi Talents and NFT Talents.
  • A special mention to their Bitcoin Talents initiative, moulding the next generation to navigate the Bitcoin ecosystem.
  • The institution’s collaborative spirit is evident in co-founding entities like the Digital Euro Association (DEA) and the International Token Standardization Association (ITSA).
  • Autumn 2022 saw them scaling new academic heights with the inception of the Master of Blockchain & Digital Assets (MBDA) program.

Keen to explore more? Dive into their vast ocean of initiatives and research at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center.


As BESIDE strides forward in its mission, aligning financial professionals with the latest in blockchain, the expertise of FSBC amplifies our efforts, marrying research with actionable insights.